Positive Mysticism
Sunday, Nov 15th 2015 from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM

This Satsang or Spiritual Program through the teachings of great Saints and Mystics explores the meaning of positive mysticism.

We will examine the importance of living a spiritual life while attending to one’s daily responsibilities. Also considered are ways in which we can strengthen our spiritual resolve and best lead a life of positive mysticism, and the joy we receive when we successfully balance our life of the spirit and our life in the world.

Learn easy to do, proven, and highly practical Sant Mat method of meditation (also referred to as Surat Shabd Yoga) of which Jyoti (inner light) and Shruti (inner music) are two primary components. Experience how meditation can put you on the road to profound spiritual awakening leading to deepest levels of peace and joy. Meditation on the inner Light and Sound requires no difficult yoga postures and can be practiced by the young and old alike.

This spiritual program is free of charge and does not require any prior meditation experience. Enjoy Vegetarian lunch at the end of the program.

Posted by Hien Pham

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