Karma, Reincarnation, Transmigration & Liberation thru Meditation @ CentralMarket
Friday, Mar 24th 2017 from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM

This workshop explores Karma and

  • How is Karma created?
    • our own role in making the choices that advance our spiritual progress.
  • What are the different types of Karma?
    • how do they tie in to our fate or destiny
    • how Karma drives the cycle of transmigration, keeps us bound to the world, and prevents us from realizing our spiritual potential.
  • When is Karma not created?
  • How to burn the Karmic seed(s)?
    • how to overcome Karma if we are to break the cycle of transmigration and advance on the spiritual path.
    • the role of a Spiritual Master in helping us break free from this cycle.
  • 4:30pm to 4:40pm - Welcome, Meet and greet
  • 4:40pm to 5:30pm - This presentation
  • 5:30pm to 5:45pm - Q&A
  • 5:45pm to 6:00pm - Meditation
About Speaker:

Daya Sharma has been a Software Engineer for past 15 years. Prior to that he was a researcher in the area of Biotechnology. Daya holds a Masters in Biotechnology and a Bachelors in Science.

He has been meditating for over 11 years and has been giving workshops locally on the benefits of integrating this practice into our everyday lives. Daya has studied this technique under his meditation teacher Sant Rajinder Singh Ji. He enjoys providing workshops to help individuals use meditation as tool to help them in their own development.

Posted by Daya Sharma

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